Difference between V6 and V8 Engines

Difference between V6 and V8 Engines

Maybe, it comes into your mind a question of what is the different of V6 and V8 engine. I had the same question once. And I think that this is the time for me to share little bit about the basic difference between the V6 and V8.

Let’s go first with the term “V”. This term refers to the crankshaft with “V” shape. There are two separated banks where the cylinders and pistons are aligned on. If there are three cylinders aligned on each side, it means that the engine belongs to the V6. It means that if the aligned cylinders consist of four on each, we have the V8. In short the terms of V6 and V8 refer to how many cylinders are aligned on the V engine.

V8 engine is considered as the more powerful one compared to V6. Of course the V6 is more efficient in fuel consumption. However, today’s technology allows the V8 to be efficient in fuel consumption because of the ability to deactivate the two of the cylinders so that the engine turns into V6-like engine. Well, now you know the difference between those two types. There must be no more confusion about them.

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